Stormy Night

He emerges with only a towel on & walks past the couch she sat on, to get to his bed room. She happened to look up & see him, finding her heart flutter a little bit. She shakes the thought from her mind & stares at the fire for only a short time, then he comes back out wearing dry pants, shirt & jacket then stops when he sees her, just stares at her for a moment before moving forward & joining her on the couch. She’s still shivering a bit so he grabs the blanket that hangs over the couch & wraps it around them both to keep them warm (more…)

The Proposal


*I came out from the bathroom after my morning shower to find Shep sitting at the small breakfast table with a pot of coffee, toast and scrambled eggs, his specialty, he didn’t cook much, but what he did do, he did very well. I finished towel drying my hair and sat down. I was already dressed in my BDU’s, today was going to be my first mission since the one where my team had been abducted by the wraith. In fact Lorne and I were joining Shep’s team since there were only the two of us at the moment.*

Dell;  Breakfasts? What have I done to deserve this?


Under Pressure


It was a typical morning, Shep getting up and showering first, and Dell right after him, then a quick breakfast and at least 2 cups of coffee for Dell, and off they would go to work. Shep would go to either make sure the city was safe from threats, or on an off world mission, and Dell to the office to tackle the mountains for paperwork created by all the on and off world missions. But today took a different turn. Shep was going on a four day off world mission, and wanted to spend a little more time with Dell before he left, he took her hand as she went past him heading for the tiny kitchen, and pulled her into a loving embrace.

“I’m going to miss you.”


Through the Quantum Mirror

I was down in the basement levels of the city last week…I wandered into Janus’ lab in the basement to try to find something specific, but I found something else there. It was something I learned about during my time with SG-1…a Quantum Mirror. I never intended to use it, never meant for it to work, I only wanted to see…

I picked up the control and flipped through several realities, not expecting to find it…but sure enough, there it was. My old reality, I would know it anywhere…I wasn’t thinking when I reached out to touch it, I only meant to run my fingers across the surface, I had forgotten that was all it took to pull me through.