Michael’s Mistake: What Started it All

He stalked across the lab to the male Wraith who stood at a console, adjusting the speed that the device between them would turn on and power up. The look on his mint green face was one of pure rage and hatred toward the Wraith before him.

“Cannot you turn it on any faster?” He snarled loudly, impatient for his plan to be put in action. If he could harness the power of this device, he would be able to annihilate the humans once and for all, to remove this pestilence from his world forever.

“I am sorry, to power it up any faster would create a rift–” the Wraith’s response was cut off as Michael’s hand sent him flying across the room into a wall. He slid down the wall, slumping unconscious to the floor. Michael stormed across the room and planted a hand on his chest, sucked some twenty odd years off of him and then left him lying there to watch.

“If you will not do it, then I will do it myself,” another snarl from Michael as he reached for the lever and shoved it all the way up. With a sickening crackle, a ripple-like wavering and a burst of sparks, Michael realized he had been wrong about the device.

“You! What did you mean when you said that a rift would form?” Michael stormed across the room as the light from the device grew brighter, snatched the Wraith by the front of his long black cloak and stared him down.

“A rift between realities, Commander, a hole in space and time that spreads across many alternate realities,” The Wraith responded in gasps as he hung from Michael’s hands. He found himself flung to the ground hard as Michael stormed back across the room to the controls, muttering under his breath and pushing buttons. The sound of the device charging began to fill the room and Michael turned tail and fled the room, leaving the other Wraith behind.

That Wraith dragged himself to his feet and stumbled across the room to the consoles, trying to undo what Michael had done and stop the device from charging. An alarm began to squall, the device was approaching critical overload, he had to stop it! If this overloaded, it would blow up not only this room and the Wraith himself but the entire planet and at least ⅚ of the solar system around it.

As he pressed another series of buttons on the console pad, the device reached critical. The room burst into flames, blindingly bright in his eyes, the walls shattered, the heat was unbearable, even for a Wraith…and then it all went black.  

Some time later, his eyes flicked open, all around him the sky was blue, there was soft grass beneath him, but how could this be? He’d been in the middle of an explosion, hadn’t he? This couldn’t be right! When he sat up, he found he was beside a road. Not wanting any locals to see him and shoot him, he’d ducked into the forest nearby…the planet he had started this day on had been a desert planet…he decided he was not in Pegasus anymore.

A little clever thieving got him a dark gray suit and button down shirt, with matching shoes and a tie he couldn’t yet tie properly, human clothes, and some makeup to cover the mint hue of his skin. He managed to file down his sharp nails and put on fingerless gloves to cover the feeding hole in his hand. Now he could walk among humans without being questioned, but feeding, that was another matter.

It started with random victims, but when he was nearly busted once too many for his taste, he settled for a different approach. He built himself up an empire, slowly rose up in the world until most of the highest government employees in this country knew the name “Rollings” and respected it. It was now a known fact that if you pissed Rollings off, you would never be seen again.

“General Jack O’Neill?” It was now several months later and Rollings, as he called himself, was quite aware of a theory that there was a Stargate hidden inside a mountain on this planet and if he could get to it, he could escape this planet and find his way back to his commander, or better yet, build up his own army. There was only one obstacle, and her name was Dellruby. He had heard of her elite skills for hand to hand fighting as well as shooting, she had never failed a mission…he would have to get her out of the way in order to get to the Stargate.

“Speaking. What can I do for you?” The General sat in his office, not liking the snarling breaths coming from whoever this was on the other end of the phone.

“My name is Rollings. I have some information that may be of use to you, but I suggest sending your best operative, if this information regarding your Stargate were to fall into the wrong hands, it could spell the end of your program,” Rollings rattled off his rehearsed speech. If this worked, he would have Dellruby right where he needed her.

“Alright. Will you be at the international Embassy for the upcoming black tie event? My operative will find you there and you will give her the information. She’ll tell you that her name is Della, that is how you will know it’s her,” Jack gave very little information, only a code name and the fact that his operative was female.

“Yes, I will meet your operative then. Thank you very much for your time, Sir,” the rough voice muttered out and then the phone line clicked dead. Rollings sat back in his chair, feeling very self satisfied just then. Only a few more minor problems to sort out and he could get back to his own world and fix the rift in time and space. But he wasn’t counting on the fact that Dellruby would not be coming alone…it would prove more of a challenge to catch her than he ever anticipated.

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