About RC

Realities Crossed is the story of three sisters: Dell, the oldest sister, Beck, the middle sister, and Aang, the youngest sister.

At the beginning, none of them knew what was going to happen. Each had a life of her own, a family, friends, a job for some of them. One moment, they were living out their lives and the next moment those lives were turned upside down when each one was suddenly ripped from her previous life and dropped into this reality. Due to an unlikely coincidence, they met on the city of Atlantis. There was an instant connection between the three.

Now, months later, the inseparable three call each other ‘sister’ and would do anything to keep each other safe, as well as their true loves. Beck is married to Dr. Carson Beckett, Aang to his identical clone, A-Carson, and Dell is in love with Colonel John “Shep” Sheppard.

They made a promise to stay together and protect each other. This promise will never be broken. None of them has a life left to go back to, so they are making lives for themselves in this reality.