Realities Crossed

Hey there, loyal fans and readers of Realities Crossed!

Okay so maybe we don’t have many loyal followers who actually know the name of the story yet…but if you hang around over at GateWorld and stalk the Carson Beckett Thunk thread, you might have noticed a bit of a roleplay going on there, starring the three sisters Dell, Beck and Aang. Seeing as all three sisters come from different alternate realities and have been trapped in this one for quite some time, their realities have crossed, that’s why we call it Realities Crossed.

We decided to expand the role play into a series of stories including back stories for the characters and we needed a home, so I (Aang) decided that it was time we had a website to call our own. The role play will not continue on the thread from now on, so this website will be where you can find everything you need to know about Dell, Beck and Aang as well as further updates to our story collection!

Thanks for stopping in!


Side note:¬†We do not own Stargate Atlantis or any of the technology or characters created for Stargate Atlantis, we’re just borrowing them to make our roleplay more fun. We only own Aang, Dell, Beck and any other original characters, planets, story lines etc. created specifically for Realities Crossed!